AR provides a unique engagement for shoppers to look up product information, scan signage, and enhance their overall shopping experience. And by measuring and analyzing the customer behavior in the real world using AR, retailers can improve the in-store engagement and ultimately drive increased revenue.

As shoppers walk around stores and malls with their phones, AR can provide the platform to drive specific behaviors such as promoting your mobile app, learn about new products with digital coupons and messaging, opt-in email signup by offering sweepstakes, and drive traffic flow thru a physical location.

Use Cases
  • Enhance the in-store experience by integrating AR with in-store signage, window displays, and promotional mailings to customers.
  • Shoppers scan product signs and tags to view product details, pricing specials, and even enter to win sweepstakes.

Sports/Live Events

Fan engagement is becoming increasingly important for sports teams and live event promoters to understand the attendee behavior and enhance the on-site experience.  Using mobile phone AR activation, digital signage and promotional giveaways provide exciting new interactions which drive opt-in email signup and the opportunity to collect information about the attendees. AR can be used to increase ticket sales as well as sponsorship revenue with a new interactive gamification experience.

Use Cases
  • Engage fans with an AR Scavenger Hunt through the Stadium or Arena. For example, find the Top Ten players in team history and collect their digital e-cards.
  • Bring promotional giveaways to life with an AR activation. Bobbleheads, cups, stickers can deliver mobile AR experiences to fans and be changed as desired.
  • Digital Signs, including the Jumbotron, can provide an interactive AR experience to fans simultaneously.


Augmented Reality advertising and promotions are immersive and engaging which generates an emotional connection with consumers.  By providing a mobile interaction, consumers enjoy the brand messaging similar to a gaming experience. Ultimately, this builds brand awareness which is shared on social media and conveys an overall positive message to your target audience. Using AR to bring your logos to life with video messages or animated objects provides a dynamic platform to continually convey your company message and benefits effectively and easily.

Use Cases
  • Bring a catalog, print advertisement, or brand package to life by using AR to offer special content, videos and even coupons.
  • Use an AR Story (Scavenger hunt) to engage consumers to engage your brand throughout a physical or digital location and enter into a sweepstake to win a prize.
  • Advertising and Promotional Content can be changed anytime by yourself to promote specific campaigns, seasonal programs, or other special engagement opportunities.


AR provides not-for-profits a new dynamic tool to provide an experiential messaging platform for potential donors to better understand their mission and how their financial support positively impacts people.  This emotional connection thru a video or animated hologram inspires people to act by donating or to lend assistance to these programs. Using the Donate Now feature, this call to action is immediate and increases the responsiveness of their target audience.  Museums are using AR to enhance their exhibits and encourage visitors to engage digitally and share their experiences socially.

Use Cases
  • Create an augmented reality experience which includes a video representing the mission of a charity to inspire people to use the interactive AR donation button.
  • Museum attendees use mobile phone AR engagement by pointing at exhibits to learn more through videos or even a 3D model.