10 Ways Augmented Reality (AR) Is Revolutionizing The Retail Industry

More than 70% of people aged 16-44 know about augmented reality and its uses. Now, it’s time to leverage this technology to boost sales, marketing, promotional activities, and customer engagement.

10 Ways AR Proves To Be Revolutionary In The Retail Industry Online Shopping

Online shopping is like pre-shopping. Many people research their desired products online before they make a concrete decision to buy it. More than 60% of individuals like to shop on the Internet, nearly the… Read more

5 Creative Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Store

Imagine AR Dec 15,2020 Augmented Reality
5 Creative Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Store

The pandemic has posed a severe challenge to retailers around the world. Physical stores have come to a stop. Online shopping has gained traction. How can you establish safety measures and drive traffic and engagement at your physical stores? Let’s look at the solution with augmented reality solutions

5 Ways You Can Drive Traffic To Your Store Using AR Increased Customer Shopping Experience

Today, more than 60% of shoppers find products using their mobiles phones. Augmented… Read more

From Music To Games: The Revolutionary Impact of Augmented Reality In Entertainment

Imagine AR Chief Technology Officer Nov 19, 2020 Augmented Reality

AR began as a thought for games and interactive gamers. It was thought to be a gamer’s paradise, that would provide next generation immersive experience to all those who use it. Pokemon GO was the first world-wide game that caught the attention of millions of players around the globe in 2016.

It defined the meaning of immersive gaming, as we saw people running around the streets catching Pokemons. Everybody has heard about this game. It focused on physical intervention of users with… Read more

Unsplash by Joshua Allwood

Immersive experience platforms like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have gained massive reach and growth in the past decade. You would be astonished to know that in the U.S. alone, 83.1 million users are projected to use AR at least once per month in 2020.

Smartphones with AR capability have provided a gigantic opportunity for marketers and creatives around the world to create and publish content that is fun, responsive, exciting, and attractive in nature. Let’s see… Read more

Demystifying Augmented Realty

Imagine AR Feb 14, 2019 Things to consider when evaluating what AR to use
Demystifying Augmented Realty

When you think of AR, you get what it is. You see cool stuff on your phone. It is a fantastic way to get people excited about what you are offering. This is the broadest stroke people use when thinking about AR, but the devil is in the details of how to make that magic happen. There are so many ways to deliver AR, how could you possibly tell the difference between them? It turns out that not all AR is created equally. You cannot assume that just because a toolkit or platform delivers AR that… Read more

XenoHolographic – Where AR and AI Collide

Rodney Guzman, Oct 25, 2018 Augmented Reality
Where AR and AI Collide
It is an interesting moment in time for augmented reality (AR) experiences.

Although it still new to most people, and many are experiencing the wonder of it for the first time, there is a danger that AR will be publically perceived as a fad. Consider how many companies are trying to leverage AR in their business. Today’s AR is great at building consumer engagement for products.  For example, point your smart phone at a latest basketball sneaker and see your favorite basketball player… Read more

How do you choose between Augmented and Virtual Reality?

Rodney Guzman Oct 18, 2017 Augmented Reality
Augmented and Virtual Reality?

Many companies that come to us for guidance are striving to build an AR or VR solution, but there is a lot of confusion. We are often asked to create an AR solution when VR makes more sense and vice versa. What should you use when? When you boil it down, they each have their own strengths. The type of solution you want to create will dictate whether AR or VR makes sense. However, both of these technologies are still emerging and VR has an undeniable head start due to its accessibility. Today… Read more

InterKnowlogy and Imagination Park

InterKnowlogy is excited to announce our joint venture with Imagination Park called XenoHolographic. XenoHolographic is a product company focused on augmented and mixed reality, and everything to do with holographics. Why are we doing this? We have spent the past years focused on holographics. It is still an emerging market with an amazing upside, but there are big pieces missing that make it a challenging space. XenoHolographic will offer products and services that fill in some of these… Read more

XenoHolographic – AR Evolved

Rodney Guzman Oct 16, 2017 Augmented Reality
AR Evolved

The potential and bold promise of AR has gotten a lot of folks excited. With the constant barrage of press coverage and press releases, it can be confusing to understand where AR is today and where it is going. As a new company focused on the software tools needed to exploit AR experiences, we are constantly asked to interpret the noise, to translate the press, and to parse out the truth. Truth is a matter of perspective, and ours is rooted in years of creating interactive holographic… Read more