ImagineAR Augmented Reality Platform

The industry's most versatile AR platform, allowing the choice of engagement by marker, location, and Web-based activation.

Real-time data reporting provides valuable marketing intelligence, with information securely stored on the Cloud.

White labeling solution with full branding support on our app, or we can integrate our AR technology into your app.

Competitively priced AR solution provides unrivaled value to industries, including Retail, Sports/Live Events, Advertising/Promotions, E-Sports and Fundraising.


The Bats are excited to partner with ImagineAR to create some fun augmented experiences for our fans. We’re looking forward to using this emerging technology to not only enhance the fan experience, but also create new opportunities for our partners to engage with our fans.”  

Vic Gregovits, President of the Louisville Bats.  




login is an “AR-as-a-Service” platform for desktops that enables businesses of any size to create and implement their own AR campaigns with no programming or technology experience. Every organization, from professional sports franchises to small retailers, can develop interactive AR campaigns that blend the real and digital worlds using ImagineAR. Customers simply point their mobile device at logos, signs, buildings, products, landmarks and more to instantly engage videos, information, advertisements, coupons, 3D holograms and any interactive content all hosted in the cloud and managed using a menu-driven portal. Integrated real-time analytics means that all customer interaction is tracked and measured in real-time.

ImagineAR Mobile App

Once you activate your AR Campaign with, consumers download & use the ImagineAR™ mobile app to experience it. But ImagineAR™ does WAY more than just activate and visualize AR. ImagineAR™ delivers AR Scavenger Hunts, Sweepstakes, Rewards, Coupons, e-digital cards, and more.

Download ImagineAR™ the Mobile App.


Companies can integrate the ImagineAR platform with their existing mobile app. Larger companies and brands, who have significantly invested in their mobile app, can instantly create AR immersive campaigns to further expand consumer usage, activation, and downloads. These products will be available through an annual license agreement from the company. For more information, contact us


Snapchat, Facebook, and WebAR Augmented Reality Services

ImagineAR is pleased to launch a new Experience Design & Development studio that will collaborate with brands to create custom “no app download required” experiences for Snapchat, Facebook and Mobile-Browser Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. ImagineAR has assembled a team of technically savvy imaginative experience designers and developers who specialize in AR experiences. Their expertise will lend to expanding the breadth and potential of creating custom and engaging brand and content experiences that bolster campaigns across platforms, including Snapchat and Facebook.


ImagineAR Cloud

ImagineAR Cloud

The AR content management system.  ImagineAR Cloud is a centralized CMS (Content Management System) where all your AR is securely stored and managed.  When you create AR activations in ImagineAR Client Studio, they are stored in ImagineAR Cloud.  Advanced AR activations are created in ImagineAR Cloud where you can assign AR Rewards to deliver when AR is activated.  You can create AR Stories in ImagineAR Cloud to drive your consumers to perform different AR activations, and then reward them when they complete the AR Stories.  You set up all of your brandings in ImagineAR Cloud to make ImagineAR your own experience.  Analytics are stored and delivered through ImagineAR Cloud.  ImagineAR Cloud is powered by cloud technology and scales across the planet no matter the size of your consumer base.