ImagineAR Augmented Reality Platform

The industry's most versatile AR platform, allowing the choice of engagement by marker, location, and Web-based activation.

Real-time data reporting provides valuable marketing intelligence, with information securely stored on the Cloud.

White labeling solution with full branding support on our app, or we can integrate our AR technology into your app.

Competitively priced AR solution provides unrivaled value to industries, including Retail, Sports/Live Events, Advertising/Promotions, E-Sports, and Fundraising.

"We deliver high-value advanced technology solutions for celebrities and sports stars to drive fan engagement and monetization around the world. ImagineAR is recognized as the world-leading AR fan engagement platform. We look forward to integrating their technology and leveraging immersive holograms, initially this spring in our first mobile app."

robin-shelley  Robin Shelley, CEO of Jet Media Network.

ImagineAR™ SDK

ImagineAR™ SDK Integrates With Your Mobile App

Organizations and sports teams can integrate the ImagineAR™ platform with their existing native mobile app. For companies and brands who have significantly invested in their mobile app can instantly create AR immersive campaigns to expand consumer usage, activation, and downloads. The SDK provides for unlimited AR visual and GPS activations, AR Scavenger Hunts, Reward Cards (coupons, collectibles, fundraising), Real-time Analytics and integrated with the ImagineAR Cloud CMS. For more information, contact us


ImagineAR™ WebAR – “No App AR”

Companies can create Interactive AR Campaigns On-demand to be experienced with a mobile phone without requiring an app download. Companies can launch AR content quickly, easily, and economically across all channels. The ImagineAR WebAR platform fully integrates with the ImagineAR Cloud CMS providing the ability for unlimited AR visual activations, Reward Cards (coupons, collectibles, fundraising) and Real-time Analytics. WebAR can be simply activated via QR Code or a simple URL in a browser. For more information, contact us.

ImagineAR™ Cloud CMS

ImagineAR™ Cloud CMS

The ImagineAR Cloud CMS is a centralized self-publishing content management system. When you dynamically create instant AR activations using the ImagineAR™ Client Dashboard, they are maintained in the global ImagineAR™ Cloud. Immersive AR activations can utilize any type of content including MP4, JPEG, PNG, USDZ, and GLTF/GLB files. Companies can create AR Stories in ImagineAR™ Cloud to drive your consumers to perform different AR activations, and then reward them when they complete the journey. Real-time Analytics are stored and delivered through the ImagineAR™ Cloud Dashboard. ImagineAR™ Cloud is powered by Microsoft Azure cloud technology and scales across the world no matter the size of your consumer base. (ImagineAR is a Certified Microsoft Azure Partner.)

ImagineAR™ Mobile App

ImagineAR™ Mobile App

You can experience your own interactive AR campaigns using the Free ImagineAR mobile app today. Once you activate your AR Campaign with, consumers download & use the ImagineAR™ mobile app to experience it immediately. With the ImagineAR™ self-publishing platform, you can activate Visual and GPS AR experiences, AR Scavenger Hunts, Sweepstakes, Rewards, Coupons, e-digital cards, and much more.

Download ImagineAR™ the Mobile App.