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September 07 2021
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ImagineAR Chief Technology Officer

How Do Marketers Use Augmented Reality (AR) For Social Media Marketing?

Most retail stores got shut down during the pandemic. So, augmented reality companies found a way to bring the stores to the customers using social media.

1. For Impulse Buyers

A motivated and unplanned decision to buy anything offline or online, especially on social media, is an impulsive purchase. Most people end up with an impulse buy online as social media influencers target young people who don’t think twice before making a purchase. 

Augmented reality helps blur the line between practicality and an imaginary world. Consider, you see an expensive dining table in an image of a model kitchen, you might think it looks nice but is not practical for you.

But, you can see the dining table right in your own kitchen space and environmental reality with AR. This will push you to make a purchase instantaneously. AR allows the customer to easily decide without any discomfort.

2. Virtual Stores on Social Media

Have you ever heard of virtual stores? These are stores on social media. These can be visited in any country, any place, any time. Today, consumers can buy products on social media, but you cannot try out products, or you never know if that product will ever fit you or suit you!

With AR, a virtual store experience can become more engaging for the users. A customer won’t have to visit your physical store any longer. They can easily step into your virtual store and try out products and buy them directly with a click of a button. These kinds of experiences will most likely be a push for impulse buys.

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3. Live Events

Marketers can leverage augmented reality technology to set up live experiences such as live events, concerts, sports commentary, and others. Users can get the feel of a real event amidst the pandemic, right at the comfort of their home.

Many sports brands have already leveraged AR to provide an interactive customer experience. The user only has to download the app provided by the augmented reality company, and he/she can enjoy the complete world of AR.

4. Immersive Experiences

You can also agree that a static image or any video can only capture the customers attention for a short while. Once the video stops or the image window is closed, the experience also fades away.

But, augmented reality provides users with immersive experiences that hold the potential to engage users for a long period.

Your marketing efforts can shift from 100% social media, paid ads, billboards and others to include augmented reality in each of them to some extent. For example, instead of creating a normal social media post to promote your product, you can create an AR asset associated with the product, which can be anything from an avatar to a cartoon, or even product mesh itself!

The asset can interact with the user, and the user can feel as if the avatar is talking to them in real life. These immersive experiences on social media can completely transform how we advertise and market our brands, products, and services.

AR will mostly be a force funded by social media and allies. Its features would be a by-product of a creativity blast from social media marketing and strategy. That’s why social media is so essential for the growth and exuberance of augmented reality companies.

5. Interactive Videos

What do you mean by interactive videos? And how does it affect you as a brand? 

There are different ways you can use interactive videos for your brand. But firstly, an interactive video is a demonstration of a product or service that shows customers how to use any particular product or service.

It’s similar to putting the user in the seat of the actual person who bought the service. It’s a way to augment the user experience of buying your product or service.

Interactive videos may not ring any bells for now, but it holds the potential to drive major revenue for your business. Make sure to keep a tab on this technology for a while.

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