Marketing Strategies Using Augmented Reality
August 23 2021
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ImagineAR Chief Technology Officer

You Can Use These Augmented Reality Marketing Strategies In Your Next Marketing Campaign

Your brochure is your extended virtual shop, easily accessible from anywhere. Your AR scavenger hunt is more than a campaign, it’s an experience. Augmented reality solutions can provide invaluable marketing campaign strategies for branding and to increase customer engagement!

What Is Not An Augmented Reality (AR) Marketing Strategy?

It’s not about turning static images into dynamic moving objects. Such interactive AR campaigns lack the complete experience of sending the right message across to your customers.

Most brands fail to understand that AR is just the means of telling a new story to your fellow customers. If you focus on AR and instead design your marketing campaign around this technology, you’re going to lose the edge.

Keep your marketing strategy in the center and not the other way around!

Don’t you think placing an augmented object on the screens of your customer’s smartphones, is just a complicated way to drive them over to your website or other landing pages?

You may win in the short term, owning your success to the experiential wow factor of this recent technological marvel. But, as AR experiences become more common, the same marketing campaigns would do you no good!

You need to transition beyond the initial wow factor that surrounds this technology. Your augmented reality solutions should accompany function.

3 Marketing Strategies, Driven By Augmented Reality

1. Gamification

Remember how Pokemon GO was so popular a few years ago. It was gigantic. It was a crucial point in letting consumers know about a new kind of technology that used no other than the cameras on their smartphones to provide a completely new experience.

The game couldn’t establish a deeper bond with its customers as there was no further learning or any wow factor to discuss in our previous pointers. 

So, how should you go about AR marketing?

For AR to be successful in your marketing activities, it has to do more than placing augmented objects into real-world environments. Brands can try the below strategies to capitalize on augmented reality solutions.

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2. Selective Marketing

There’s just so much opportunity with AR to help customers focus on the right products so that out of all the visual clutter, specific items can be quickly bought. You can help customers make decisions easily without any confusion.

Say you’re in a shopping mall. You are bombarded with so many options that it becomes difficult for you to locate exactly the right item you came to the mall in the first place. There are just too many brands struggling for your attention.

By focusing customer attention, you help them transition through the sales funnel effectively and provide an easier in-store experience.

You enter a grocery shop in the mall. You find a variety of different products by several different brands. Instead of staring at print labels and Googling every item for information, why not use AR to highlight information such as nutrition, expiry, and other cash benefits if you choose to buy a larger pack.

Googling can take the majority of your time, as today there are too many variables you have to consider, if the product is gluten-free, low on cholesterol, and others. With AR, you just have to point your smartphone camera at the product or the lane or row of products, and you can view visualized aid.

3. AR Brochures & Catalogues

Nobody said to completely discard physical marketing materials. You can absolutely print out physical brochures and catalogs for your brand and business. Only this time you’re going to extract maximum value out of these materials with AR.

You can help increase customer interaction by sharing those flyers as an advertising piece and as a functional piece of marketing material.

Such a strategy can boost your branding efforts, as you print out AR-enabled cars, notes, brochures that take a person directly to any landing page you desire, helping the user to understand your business in-depth.

In this way, you’re providing more value to your users in a limited space. That’s the power of augmented reality solutions. 

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