5 Creative Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Store

5 Creative Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Store

Imagine AR
Chief Technology Officer
Dec 15,2020
Augmented Reality
5 Creative Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Store

The pandemic has posed a severe challenge to retailers around the world. Physical stores have come to a stop. Online shopping has gained traction. How can you establish safety measures and drive traffic and engagement at your physical stores? Let’s look at the solution with augmented reality solutions

5 Ways You Can Drive Traffic To Your Store Using AR

  1. Increased Customer Shopping Experience

    Today, more than 60% of shoppers find products using their mobiles phones. Augmented reality takes this game ahead to provide solutions that meet the shopper’s needs. 

    In a store, there are many angles to a product. A shopper can’t ask a salesperson—questions like “What’s the popularity of this product?”, “What do other people think of this product?” AR can help the shopper get a clear idea of the product, its availability, and popularity.

    It’s also possible to find some of this information without an AR app but augmented reality helps bridge the gap between shopping online and in-store. This provides a cohesive experience to your customers, fulfilling their specific requirements.So, maybe you can consider using an AR in-store app to grow your sales.

  2. Build Brand Awareness

    In October 2018, Mall of America, one of the largest operators of retail malls in the world  teamed up with ImagineAR for an exclusive augmented reality experience

    Shopping and entertainment complexes continuously find new ways to attract and engage consumers in order to drive value to their tenants. Augmented reality provides a way for many brands to advertise to  almost everyone that carries a smartphone.

    AR works differently for everyone. It’s important to consider how it would help you cater to your customer’s needs in the long run. As a retailer or any other business owner, think about how it can improve your customer’s shopping experience because that is exactly what this technology does. 

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  3. Attracting Tourists With AR

    Multinational companies face challenges when they open their stores in new markets and distant lands. There are a lot of factors that come into consideration while dealing with international markets.

    The challenges of language, local culture take some time and cost before international brands can establish their presence. New markets always come with new challenges.  

    With augmented reality solutions, you can avoid the language barrier. Google AR Translate allows any user to see any text in the native language. Just imagine if you can read subtitles of a theatre show while sitting and watching it live in a foreign country.

  4. AR In-Store Experiences

    Many marketing activities or seasonal coupons end up in increased sales, similarly, shoppers might pay more for a product or service which they could find using an AR app.

    An AR experience can be overwhelming at times. So, make sure that you add proper Call-To-Action (CTA) at regular intervals and appropriate hotspots in your AR experience app, such as a BUY button or TRY button.

    AR also adds goodwill and builds your brand that people find positive and enriching. To bridge the gap between physical stores and smartphones, AR is the key to connect your customers online and offline.

    The best thing about AR solutions is that it can directly facilitate purchase decisions. So, if you sell limited edition products or services, you definitely have to add AR in your next marketing campaign.

  5. Deals And Promotions

    More than 40% of AR users admit that they prefer to use it for deals and promotions. These special deals add purpose to their purchasing decision and favor more sales. Retailers can leverage coupons and discounts to drive customers to store, like the traditional methods, only this time, you have AR by your side.

    AR helps your customers with a wide range of shopping experiences and games to win more discounts. It’s a great medium to communicate your special offers that increase your overall store sales.

ImagineAR Is Your Ultimate Destination For AR Marketing

If you lack the resources to build your own augmented reality application or content, partnering with ImagineAR could be the next best solution for you. 

You can build games, fan engagement marketing campaigns powered by AR or invite customers to your store to collect a reward or price, such as a discount or an exciting cashback offer.

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