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June 01 2021
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Brands Can Find Success With Engaging AR Scavenger Hunt Games

Every business faces the challenge of creating awareness, inspiring engagement, and driving conversion. As marketers, we are always looking for creative ways to impact all three levels of customer acquisition.

Typically, most brands will start at the top and work through the funnel to achieve our goals. But what if you started in the middle and focused first on inspiring engagement?

How can you do that - reach your customers and get them emotionally involved with your brand?

Augmented reality (AR) offers a highly effective method to engage your customers with AR Scavenger Hunts.

AR Scavenger Hunt is The Answer To Your Wishes

“The word of mouth, the customer engagement, the fear of missing out
that they generated by engaging fans to get them -- that's priceless.”

Nikki Baird (VP of Retail Innovation, Aptos)

Augmented reality opens a whole new dimension for brands to explore, experiment, and engage users. Combining it with the scavenger hunt game, loved by many for ages, is an outstanding opportunity.

Completing scavenger hunts needs a lot of energy, effort, and time. Instant gratification is the fuel driving consumers to your products and services.

Marketers understand it, and an AR scavenger hunt can make the brand experience seamless and quick.

But it's no piece of cake to pull it off. It's no wonder that brands pull the plug on the AR scavenger hunt even before its planning gets started. They are missing an incredible opportunity to get closer to their customers and establish a relationship with them.

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You Are Still Thinking About It, Other Brands Are Leveraging It!

1. Orea

Many brands like Orea didn't the only toy with this idea but created their first social game for mobile devices, an AR scavenger hunt known as The Great Oreo Cookie Quest.

It provides daily hints, and the app uses object-recognition technology to decide if the user is pointing their cameras at the correct object to earn points. The user will earn more points depending on the difficulty level of the question.

The users can enter a sweepstake prize for scanning a real Oreo cookie to win an Oreo branded speaker or a Pixel phone. The final reward was a trip to Africa or Google headquarters in California.

Connecting With Customers!

“We wanted to create a proprietary property that allowed us to do exactly what we wanted with regards to object recognition, in an environment that was 100 percent Oreo.”

-Andrew Watson, VP & Creative Director at The Martin Agency

This wasn’t the first attempt of the company to engage consumers by leveraging augmented reality. They knew their way around it because of a previously successful venture with the “Oreo Dunk Challenge app.” This helped them create an association with their consumers on a deeper level in a playful manner.

2. Version

Version partnered with Snapchat to build an AR treasure hunt game. In this game, users can win iPhone 8s, and only 236 units make it irresistible.

This game is available in only selected cities to choose from and follow the clues taking participants to various other locations in that city. You get to a giant eight at the end of the game, and users have to take a snap and send it to Verizon to have a chance at winning the iPhone.

This was the first-ever groundbreaking campaign brand AR scavenger hunt. Verizon pulled it off seamlessly with an outstanding combination of augmented reality, real-time data use, creative UX, and geolocation. It was an eye-opener for other bi-budget brands and a push towards AR use in campaigns.

What Makes It Stand Out?

It resonates with users on a deeper level and needs them to focus engage with their content entertainingly and excitingly. A prize like the iPhone 8s gets them to keep their morale and invest in themselves.

3. Foot Locker & Nike

They launched The Hunt, an augmented reality (AR) scavenger hunt game for users to unlock geo-targeted AR clues to win a chance to obtain new limited-edition LeBron 16 King “Court Purple” sneakers.

The participants were motivated to:

  • Download the Foot Locker App to get started
  • Solve geo-targeted hints
  • Reach locations to gather AR objects
  • Compete in all three levels to unlock the access card to obtain the shoes.

The virtual game began after the Los Angeles Laker’s first home game of the NBA season ended. The result was incredible as all limited edition shoes were sold out in less than 2 hours. Now that the power of engaging consumers.

Fun Factor

“Foot Locker has always looked for new ways to elevate the shopping experience for our customers. It was a natural evolution to embrace AR, taking our scavenger hunts to the next level.”

- Frank Bracken, VP & GM of Foot Locker

Only Challenge

One challenge that you can face in an AR scavenger hunt is that users have to invest a long time before getting any reward for their attempts.

This can result in some participants dropping off at different times during the game. It contributes to a negative brand experience.

It is the strategy that matters. It is successful if you plan to keep this factor in perspective to retain the consumer till the game ends and to include engaging elements. It just needs some creativity, programming, and customer insights.

Brands can harness the AR scavenger hunt game benefits without risking low user engagement and generate the desired results.

Wrap Up

Combine out-of-the-box ideas and concepts before starting the AR scavenger hunt marketing campaign.

It is the start of experimental marketing for brands to venture out in this new-age marketing strategy.

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