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March 09 2022
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Emerging Augmented Reality Trends In 2022

Augmented reality is proving to be a top innovation, opening up new growth points for businesses worldwide, as analysts predict that by 2025 this market will reach $198 billion.

Furthermore, this year they are expected to only grow even more rapidly to 3.5billion AR users. With the industry expected to grow exponentially, providing AR experiences can give you a competitive edge in many industries.

The improving technology also makes it easier for companies and employees of all sizes across multiple sectors with needful tasks - like creating marketing campaigns, work productivity, training sessions on new equipment, etc. In addition, companies like ImagineAR bring you the opportunity to use AR as a service and leverage this technology without any prior technical knowledge. So, without further ado, let's dive into the upcoming trends of AR in 2022.

5 Top Emerging AR Trends In 2022

#1 Indoor & Outdoor Navigation

AR navigation will become more fluid and achievable in 2022 than in the previous years. The rising technologies that will play a vital role in making indoor navigation more viable line before are  Wi-Fi RTT,  Bluetooth Low Energy antennas, ultra-wideband (UWB). 

The most beneficial use of this technology is to display the AR directions in prominent indoor locations such as airports, distribution centers, and shopping malls. Both consumer and business users can use this technology. For instance, a guest in a store using AR indoor navigation might find the product they're looking for using this interface.

Additionally, workers at distribution centers could also take advantage of its features if given access across all areas where these tools exist, making finding specific items more manageable than ever before. The store's employees can use augmented reality to see the things they need in a matter of seconds. They don't have to use their phones or else risk getting lost.

#2 Enhanced Shopping Experiences

AR is an invaluable tool for retailers looking to make their stores more accessible and user-friendly. With the help of augmented reality, on-screen directions can guide you through every nook and cranny of the shop to find what they need without difficulties navigating or searching. 

Users are only required to hold their phones and follow the AR directions via aisles to reach their destination. AR has many possibilities, like helping users shop from the store in the comfort of their homes. For instance, augmented reality marketing materials enhance audience engagement and boost purchases. In addition, this technology assists users in testing the products before they make the final purchase.

Users in stores like Target & Ikea can use apps to visualize furniture in their houses. Additionally, stores like Sephora also extend solutions like virtual try-on enabling guests to test out such as glasses, makeup, shoes, etc.

Boost Customer Satisfaction & Sales With Augmented Reality

#3 Advancing Mobile Augmented Reality

Mobile AR has several benefits making it a focal point for this technology. Several users are already using augmented reality capable smartphones that eradicate the necessity of purchasing a bulky and costly headset. In addition, mobile devices are one of the most portable and easy to carry in any space. 

ARKit 5 is Apple's latest version of open-source mobile AR development toolset with enhancements over the previous version. It comes with upgrades like enhanced motion tracking, extended support for location anchors, face tracking in the ultrawide camera on 5th gen iPad Pro. 

Another android equivalent is ARCore, an open-source & native toolset required by developers to create AR apps. Finally, android devices come in various hardware that makes its particular features that might not be compatible on all devices.

#4 Remote Assistance

Augmented reality can immensely enhance the User experience with learning and assistance. As per 2020 Owl Labs, about 70% of workers working full time in the US operate from home. Several issues emerge as video conferencing is becoming the lifeline of work. 

The real issue is how your business can compensate for context laws as an advantage of meeting in physical presence. You lose an entire context dimension when video conferencing and move to a two-dimensional conversation. Furthermore, it adversely affects jobs like IT technical support, limiting the IT specialist to only making suggestions. 

All the responsibility falls on the user to fix the issue or send the device for repairs. However, with the help of Augmented reality software, you can restore the lost dimension of conversation as it allows the IT Technicians to guide the user with the help of 3D directions.

#5 Innovation In Education

The pandemic hit educational institutions hard, causing an increase in innovation in this space. For example, the Ai.R-Cord app created by the Wikitude team aims to help elementary school students learn concepts with AR, which isn't a singular instance.

AR simplifies the information perception that the teacher can easily demonstrate with a virtual aid and improve the learning process. In addition, it boosts students' speed and engagement when mastering complex concepts. For instance, the students can virtually modify the molecule's structure using the special cards and receive the information in real-time. 

It offers a unique learning experience that's challenging to present in real life without preparation. Did you know that there's an app to assist students in learning about human anatomy with 3D models and AR visualization? It allows them to simulate surgeries.

Final Thoughts

It's undeniable that augmented reality has immense potential with its increasing market value, not just in gaming but also in remote assistance, education, and sales, to gain traction. Even the metaverse's growing trend accelerates the work's hybridization and virtual meetings with AR.

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