October 21 2021
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ImagineAR Chief Technology Officer

How AR Will Change The Way Businesses Operate?

It used to feel like fiction when you think about layering a digital medium in real-time on a physical location, but AR made it all possible. You can leverage this technology with the help of top augmented reality companies.

We have all enjoyed intriguing concepts of movies like Her, Blade Runner, and Source Code. This technology helps your business operate smoothly and connect with your customers on a deeper level. As per Statista, there will be a projected rise in mobile phone users, which is 2.87 billion in 2020. It becomes vital to devise a marketing plan to reach consumers on their mobile devices.

Every new technology has an impact on the way we operate and experience things. For example, consider how phones, computers, refrigerators, and more affected our way of living. It helps us live an easier and more comfortable life. Now, comes Augmented reality in this journey.

5 Ways Businesses Are Using AR To Their Benefit

1. Design & Creative

The design industry is one of the creative spaces that is definitely going to benefit from augmented reality's use. ImagineAR, an augmented reality company, is already using this technology to assist its business operations. It helps companies to create and execute their AR campaigns with no programming or technology experience. It allows them to increase sales and use them for marketing. 

Computer-aided design and artist modelers can also take advantage of augmented reality. This provides them a way to exhibit their products and other strengths in a 3D space for simple presentation and workflow.

For instance, a manufacturing company can use AR for product designers, who can easily iterate on designs and quickly model them in 3D format.

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2. Retail

The chief priority of retailers is customer experience in the physical and digital space. The difference between the digital and physical shopping experience has started to blur. 

Augmented reality helps businesses bridge this gap and introduce an enhanced way for customers to experience their purchase journey.

For example, using Augmented reality digital clothing stores can help users experience that clothing item in 3D format. This 360-degree vision comes close to reality and encourages them to buy without any confusion. 

3. Customer Experiences

Today customers quickly adapt to the new emerging technologies. About 4.66 billion users are actively using the internet in 2021, and so is the use of around 46 billion connected IoT devices, sensors, & actuators in 2021. Next is the increasing use of AR in companies in different ways.

Magic Leap’s Cheddar app is one such example, where it allows Cheddar’s headline news networks to present live video feeds in a 3D model for users. The users can easily consume it and place it anywhere they please in their surroundings. Businesses are using AR for their products & services to gain visual engagement with their customers.

For instance, social media platforms can help you amplify this reach with augmented reality, enabling users to communicate in the 3D environment without any physical connection.

4. Training

This also comes in handy when an organization wants to train employees effectively and use the same system in other locations, particularly within large enterprises. It will also simplify the complicated processes in the medical field and others. 

Microsoft’s HoloLens integration into the CAE Healthcare system was for training programs to help physicians perform complex procedures in a 3D model. Augmented reality enables businesses to develop training consistently for every employee and allows workers to grow confidence and competence in their roles.

For instance, a business can develop an AR app for onboarding employees and provide quick training with minimal risk for workplace operations.

5. Industrial Applications

There can be a massive change after introducing AR in the number of jobs workers perform in industrial markets. 

It will help technicians receive live support from the remote staff that can help them indicate markings, superimpose models over objects like vehicle engines, figure out the issue, etc. It will remove the necessity of guess and grunt work from manual labor by streamlining the process with the help of AR.

For instance, the use of Microsoft’s HoloLens in NASA helped them construct the new spacecraft with the usage of mixed reality removing the necessity for complicated instructions and manuals.

2 Key Takeaways For Adopting AR Internally & Externally

1. Internal AR Adoption

It is a learning process to use AR as a tool for your company. However, the use is based on the understanding that you are contributing to the real world. 

With AR at your disposal, you can even float airplanes over the desk, shrink mountain ranges in a room, and unveil products without even physically touching them. Although your team needs more than just 3D objects, they need more experience.

Functionality is one aspect of using AR internally but do not entirely focus on it. The visual aid adds the wow factor to it. It will bring the same enthusiasm as Snapchat users when using facial features to overlay different effects using their mobile devices.

2. External AR Adoption

Augmented reality adds an excitement factor to your offerings for your customers when showcasing it in your social media and case studies. It is essential how your product or service appeals to your customers or enables them to share that experience in a significant way when incorporating AR or creating an augmented reality app.

Additionally, it helps when you highlight how its use can change the consumer’s experience and alter reality with your services and products. 

It can be a game-changer move if you plan and simplify the way your customers share their experience about your product services on social media. These social media shares are crucial as they will help you attract new consumers who want to try the same thing.


Encouraging other users to try it is the reaction essential for all AR experiences in general. Implementing AR externally or internally, you must not miss any step of the way from the concept to the execution of experience sharing and its excitement.

There are numerous uses of augmented reality for companies. You can leverage one of the top augmented reality companies like ImagineAR to enable your businesses to develop interactive AR campaigns that blend reality and digital worlds.

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